A Better Big D

By: Asil Yassine

I remember settling back into Dallas over the breaks during college and waking up with the same question any one of us on vacation would have: “What should I do today?” After quickly eliminating any productive options (doing laundry and cleaning my room), I would eventually wind up catching up with friends over coffee, head over to a Mavericks game or stroll through many retail centers the city has to offer. This made my short-lived breaks entertaining and relaxing enough, but it’s easy to see how it became rote.DMA

Today, Dallas is trumping perceptions of being just “another” city. To live here today is vastly different than to have lived here 5 or 10 years ago. The city has welcomed a handful of new world-class cultural centers, made admission free at its premier art museum and embraced the many unique corners and personalities of the area. There are solid indications (5, to be exact) that the Big D is “becoming more interesting, more welcoming, more comfortable.” We might even need to tweak that morning question to be “what should I do first?”


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