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We know what you’ve heard: we gallop to work on our noble steeds, we have shoot-outs to settle our differences, and our hair is as big as, well, Texas. The truth is that Dallas is a vibrant urban community with a niche for everyone. We’re a community of creative and passionate people who live in neighborhoods with charming personalities, work in organizations that are primed to change the world, and play in locales that are never short on fun. We have a killer arts district, a tasty restaurant and bar scene, and sports line-up that consistently proves entertaining. Get to know Dallas beyond the big screen. You’ll like what you see.


Theater in Dallas

By: Jason Bunnell

After college I took some time for a backpacking trip in Europe. I was going to drown myself in culture – food, museums, theater, history, architecture, and everything else Rick Steves insisted I shouldn’t miss. I probably spent more time planning the …Continue Reading

Dallas and Breakfast: An American Pastime

By: Will Maddox

If you have ever traveled, stayed in an international hostel, or been abroad for an extended amount of time, you know that one major facet of American culture is our love of the big breakfast! It brings together many of our …Continue Reading

This Might Get Weird, But It’ll Be Worth It

By: Will Maddox

Dallas’ fine arts scene is renown. With the Arts District hosting numerous events such as operas, the symphony, traveling Broadway musicals and van Gogh exhibits, Dallasites and tourists alike have enjoyed its many treasures. Now, with food trucks parking nearby for some …Continue Reading

Klyde Warren: Dallas’ Deck Park

By: Ashley Bryan

We’re not short on beautiful weather in Dallas – it’s currently a sunny 64 degrees smack in the middle of December. While the Midwesterners are busy digging-out their snow-capped cars and the Northeasterners are thawing their frostbitten appendages, we are …Continue Reading