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The Dallas-region is taking an “all hands on deck” approach to solving the same problems faced by urban education systems around the country. Everything from classroom innovation throughout public districts to launching cutting-edge charter school models to strengthening social supports that go beyond school-day hours are all strategies well under way. But this only scratches the surface of what can be accomplished. Dallas needs your talent to keep building on this initial momentum.

Our ed blog is constantly being updated with new and exciting things that ed professionals around Dallas are working on to improve the lives of our kids.


Changing the Odds for Children, Second Annual Dallas Conference hosted by Salesmanship Club

By: Maureen Fernandez

It’s no secret that children who experience childhood trauma or abuse have trouble learning in school.  In fact, the brains of these children are physically different than kids who have had their needs met and felt safe and secure.  Can …Continue Reading

Work hard. Be nice. Om.

When sixth-grade English/Language Arts teacher and half-marathoner Ellen Trebilcock injured herself in college, doctors said she might never run long distances again. But instead of accepting their predictions, she turned to yoga for rehabilitation and to balance her running practice. …Continue Reading

Uplift Peak Preparatory Launches Parent University

Whenever the topic of education comes up in our community, there is a common refrain: “What about the parents? How do we engage parents in their children’s education?” This past Saturday, the team at Uplift Peak Preparatory piloted a new …Continue Reading

Survey of Principals Shows Dallas ISD Strengthening Leadership

Since Superintendent Mike Miles took the reigns in July, there have been a number of changes within Dallas Independent School District, the 14th largest in the nation. Perhaps Miles’ most sweeping change was his restructuring at the top, assigning 20 …Continue Reading