DallasKidsFirst and the District of the Future

Have you ever wanted to make a difference but just weren’t sure how to start, where to begin?

Have you had a moment in time when a situation got so bad that you knew if you didn’t do something about it, things would only get worse?

The founders of DallasKidsFirst were faced with that very moment in 2011.

Dallas ISD School Board Trustee elections were canceled because three candidates were running unopposed.  A small group of passionate, hopeful individuals decided enough was enough and made the decision to keep this from happening in 2012.

A city is often measured by its economic development and schools play a big part of that. A dynamic, effective school board is critical to continued progress for Dallas ISD.


The mission of DallasKidsFirst is simple – Find, Support and Elect Great School Board Leaders.

DISD’s 9 School Board Trustees have the important task of guiding and approving a $1.5 billion budget, representing over 1 million potential voters and 157,000 students. The challenge is that only 1% of these citizens are choosing to vote.  Can a non-partisan,

grassroots organization increase that number?

The answer to that question is yes. A change occurred in the 2012 School Board elections.

Through an innovative endorsement process and developing a volunteer base to support endorsed candidates, DKF is making an impact on school board elections.  In 2012, DKF members voted to endorse two candidates.  Volunteer efforts resulted in knocking on over 3000 doors and calling over 1000 voters.  Participation increased significantly and both candidates were elected.

DKF is on the road to building the district of the future.  They’re looking for other “builders” and “architects” to help construct a district that we can all be proud of. Become a member of DKF today.