Si Se Puede

By: Adan Gonzalez

adan boxing¡Hola! My name is Adan Gonzalez. I am a student at Georgetown University. I’m a dedicated leader, a U.S. Collegiate Boxer, an organizer, and a future Mayor. I was raised in inner city Dallas. My parents migrated to this country from Mexico. Rarely have things come easy for our family. Struggle is common, and while I love my hometown, it was often a tough place to grow up.

Some of my most vivid memories as a kid are of my parents sitting in the living room, worrying about being able to pay rent. Or, watching Child Protective Services take my friends away from their parents. It was common to see kids I knew my whole life decide to drop out of school to join gangs or become drug dealers. Those of us who did stay in school were forced to use textbooks that were decades old. A lot of times we had to sit on the floor because there weren’t enough desks, and the heating and cooling systems never worked.

No child in America should have to face these kinds of problems. Our nation’s young adults all have dreams. But too many of them are turning their backs on these dreams too early in life, either for financial reasons or for lack of the right kind of leadership. The system is broken, and I want to fix it. I want EVERYONE, young or old, to not only believe in the power of higher education, but I want EVERYONE to know the challenges to get there and how to overcome them.

Currently, I travel around the country and try to help more people understand. I try to motivate businessmen to invest more in our communities. I raise the volume on these issues so that politicians can hear our voice.

That’s why I recently founded a non-profit called the Si Se Puede Network! I use it to provide advice to students to work for academic success, encourage volunteering, and try to help people grow into leadership positions.

I was 10 years old when I had my first job, selling movies and snacks at the local flea market to earn my own money for a school uniform. Now, I am living a dream by obtaining a higher education from Georgetown, and I know it’s my duty to make sure other students who have dreams like I do obtain an opportunity to reach their potential. One day, I dream of being in a position to help not just my family but my whole community.